Welcome Back

New Life Center's Reopening Plan

Last updated May 27, 2020

While we are eager to resume in-person services at New Life Center, we want to ensure we’re adhering to Erie County guidelines and protecting the health of our members. 

We want to remember the importance of maintaining a spirit of unity during this time. Our church family may have differing opinions or comfort levels, so we should prioritize peace and kindness (Romans 12:18, Ephesians 4:32). 

This page will provide answers to many of your frequently asked questions about how we will organize our reopening. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please email info@nlcupc.com.

When will we resume in-person services?

Currently, Erie County guidelines state churches can hold services up to 25% of their capacity with proper social distancing. We will begin offering multiple in-person services on Sundays. They will be limited to the appropriate number of people, and will require pre-registration. In the meantime, we may take advantage of drive-in services.

What will in-person services be like?

Our services will be limited to one hour, to accommodate sanitizing between services. There will be singing, preaching, and a short time for prayer. Restrooms will be available. If you choose to fellowship after service, we ask that our members visit outdoors and maintain a six foot distance. If a touchless experience is important to you, you’ll be able to take advantage of that. We will place the offering plate on the altar, rather than passing it. The Sanctuary doors will be kept open, so you don’t have to touch the handles. And our greeters will say hello, but won’t shake your hand.

Will we continue online streaming?

We plan to continue offering video and audio streaming for those who are at higher risk, or can’t attend live. As we transition back into in-person services, we will keep you updated on that.

Will my kids be able to attend Sunday School?

Because we won’t be at church all at the same time, and because physical distancing can be challenging for children, Sunday School  will continue to be offered virtually until further notice. Children will stay in the Sanctuary with their families during our services.

Can I still use the Mother’s Room?

The Mother’s Room will be available for parents, and will be sanitized in between services.

How will we physically distance in the Sanctuary?

When you enter the Sanctuary, you will see every other row roped off. We ask that you find an open row, and sit one family per row. Please select an end seat if you’re a party of one. This will allow us to seat another family at the opposite end of your row, should we need the space. If you choose to come forward for prayer, you will find markings on the floor that will help you maintain a 6 foot distance from others.

What about things like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer?

We will not require our members to wear masks or gloves. You are welcome to bring a mask or gloves from home to wear during the service. You will also find new hand sanitizer stations at both of the Sanctuary entrance doors.

How will we greet each other while maintaining distance?

We recommend a wave, an air high five, or an elbow bump! We want to encourage stretching hands toward someone for prayer, rather than laying a hand on their back. Additionally, we will be on a tight time schedule to sanitize in between services. Please be flexible if you’re asked to fellowship outside so we can prepare for the next service.

How will the building be sanitized?

In between services, we will sanitize common surfaces, like doorknobs, changing tables, microphones, and bathrooms. Our regular maintenance and cleaning schedule will be maintained.

Where should I park?

Please park in the front of the building. The back doors of the building will be locked. We will enter and exit through the main doors that face Luksin Drive.